eZ-Archive is an automated processing utility that removes and stores historic information from your iSeries/AS/400 database system, keeping your system up to date and running more efficiently.

This utility allows system administrators to create definitions containing a hierarchy of related databases files connected by Join Criteria (in a similar fashion to Query/400), with comprehensive field selection available at all levels.

eZarchive is compatible with the IBMi business application systems and bespoke in-house solutions that use externally described physical files, including System 21 GEAC, JD Edwards, BPCS, MAPICS and any bespoke application.

The archiving process can be scheduled to run at convenient dates and times, to avoid impacting on system performance. Duration control is included, to control the maximum time or number of records processed during any archive run. There is also a test option, whereby archive processes can be executed without removing the original data records.


This utility comes with data management reporting features to help indicate which files could benefit from the process of archiving.
Selected records are archived together as a labelled group into a separate library.

Main features include:

  • Allowing single or multiple file archives.
  • Easy to configure archive rules.
  • Works with all IBMi externally described physical data files.
  • Compatible with IBMi business application systems
  • Allows ‘From and to’ date range selection
  • Allows run time and date to be specified, either by maximum number of minutes or maximum number of records•
  • Allows the ability to assign an archive label to the output data
  • Can be run in test mode, keeping the integrity of your database intact
  • Archive runs can be scheduled for later processing
  • Data management reports, giving an indication of files to be archived
  • Help desk and online support available



Automated processing of removing and storing information from your iSeries/AS/400 database, keeping your system up to date and running more efficiently


Allows you to reorganise your data files during the day, whilst the system is in use, reducing file downtime from several hours to minutes. There is no need to close the system during work hours or increase the burden for your IT team at weekends.


A powerful e-Enablement web services package. eZ-Fetch has the advantage of working on almost any database and server. It is readily installed within days and has user friendly features.


Manage your spooled files to ensure optimum system performance and space savings. Keep your iSeries neat and tidy, by saving your spooled data in a compressed format. Index them for easy search and retrieval.

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