Does your IBMi server have large amounts of disk space taken up by deleted records?

Do you have large files that take several hours to reorganise?

Can your company not afford the system downtime required to reorganise such data files?

Would you like to reclaim disk space taken up by deleted records, without the need to take your users off the system for long periods of time?

If so, eZ-Reorg is for you!

eZ-Reorg is an IBMi utility that re-organises your data files, whilst your system is in use.

This approach, not only saves you the time it would take to re-organise manually, but also saves on down-time by cutting the need to close the system during working hours or burdening your IT team to work at weekends.

eZ-Reorg will also save you money on expensive disk and processor upgrades to your system.

User-Friendly and easy-to-use interface.

eZ-Reorg works by using an advanced file synchronisation technique to create a real-time mirror of your existing data, which replaces your current data file as soon as it momentarily becomes free.



Automated processing of removing and storing information from your iSeries/AS/400 database, keeping your system up to date and running more efficiently


Allows you to reorganise your data files during the day, whilst the system is in use, reducing file downtime from several hours to minutes. There is no need to close the system during work hours or increase the burden for your IT team at weekends.


A powerful e-Enablement web services package. eZ-Fetch has the advantage of working on almost any database and server. It is readily installed within days and has user friendly features.


Manage your spooled files to ensure optimum system performance and space savings. Keep your iSeries neat and tidy, by saving your spooled data in a compressed format. Index them for easy search and retrieval.

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