eZ-Spool ensures optimum system performance and space saving by managing your spooled files and data in a compressed format and indexes them for easy search and retrieval.

With eZ-Spool, you can easily improve the performance of your iSeries and save valuable disk space.
It runs in its own sub-system and can be scheduled to run at a convenient time and date, to further avoid impacting on system performance.

eZ-Spool can monitor your iSeries system output queues, scanning the system, using a series of easy-to-define processing rules.

Then, by saving spooled files in a compressed format, both disk space and system memory can then be put to better use by the operating system.
Unwanted spooled files can be simply removed altogether.

All saved spooled files will be indexed automatically, using the original spooled file attributes, and can be retrieved instantly using advanced search criteria.
For example:

You can retrieve all invoices for a given date range, created by an individual user. Useful command prompts make this available to any user and not just the system administrator.
Spooled files retrieved are an exact replica of the original spooled file.

Spooled file authorities will also be secured, ensuring that whatever authority was given to the original will be the same for any saved spooled files.

Finally, with eZ-Spool, keep your system tidy, only keeping the spooled files you need, for as long as you need them.
It allows you to specify rules to determine how long to keep each type of spooled file, after which time, They will simply be removed automatically.

Job Tables

The iSeries has a finite number of job table entries, when this when this limit is reached, no more jobs can be added into the system.
Each job in the system holds a job table entry until it finishes and all spooled files for that job are deleted. These job table entries also take up system memory.
By removing the spooled files, you can free up both disk space and memory.

Jobs In System

Check the number of jobs in your system that have ended but still have output waiting to print WRKSYSSTS.

Search And Indexing

Saved spooled files are indexed according to their original spooled file attributes and can be retrieved instantly, giving better control for searching and retrieving spooled files.

Selection Rules

Specify easy-to-define rules to determine what spooled files to select, how long to keep them and where to keep them.



Automated processing of removing and storing information from your iSeries/AS/400 database, keeping your system up to date and running more efficiently


Allows you to reorganise your data files during the day, whilst the system is in use, reducing file downtime from several hours to minutes. There is no need to close the system during work hours or increase the burden for your IT team at weekends.


A powerful e-Enablement web services package. eZ-Fetch has the advantage of working on almost any database and server. It is readily installed within days and has user friendly features.


Manage your spooled files to ensure optimum system performance and space savings. Keep your iSeries neat and tidy, by saving your spooled data in a compressed format. Index them for easy search and retrieval.

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