Web Development

Web Development

The growth of Internet technology has changed the way many companies think about performing their business.

Lime Computer Services is able to help combine the Internet with your current systems to bring your business information to a wider audience and open up new business opportunities.

Our internet development integrates a wide range of tools to suit your specific requirement. These range from simple website design in HTML to more complex dynamic real time websites with database integration.

We have expertise in developing custom Internet applications to interface web servers with backend systems, including the IBMi, to provide online enquiry and maintenance systems.


We have also developed web-based programs for the following applications

In addition to our expertise in creating online applications, we are also able to offer consultancy services for web page design, online security and intranet development.



Automated processing of removing and storing information from your iSeries/AS/400 database, keeping your system up to date and running more efficiently


Allows you to reorganise your data files during the day, whilst the system is in use, reducing file downtime from several hours to minutes. There is no need to close the system during work hours or increase the burden for your IT team at weekends.


A powerful e-Enablement web services package. eZ-Fetch has the advantage of working on almost any database and server. It is readily installed within days and has user friendly features.


Manage your spooled files to ensure optimum system performance and space savings. Keep your iSeries neat and tidy, by saving your spooled data in a compressed format. Index them for easy search and retrieval.